Cochrane Collaboration: The deterioration of the trust about systematic reviews

The ‘scientific method’ is the best method we know of finding whether an intervention in medicine works. The randomized clinical trial (RCT) is the best process medicine has to prove the efficacy of medical interventions. Systematic reviews are the summary of RCTs that will present the best evidence that we have about specific interventions and Cochrane Collaboration is known as the gold standard for producing systematic reviews that are methodologically sound, transparent and trustable. However recent events at the Cochrane Collaboration has lead to questioning whether systematic reviews of Cochrane can be trusted.

The latest is the Lancet editorial – Offline: The gravy train of systematic reviews – this brings up the question of whom can we trust for the best evidence to practice medicine [Ref]

Have we got to go back to 2500 years and think about what Buddha taught? [Ref]  HAve we got the time and resources to sort out by ourselves what is the truth? Are there other mechanisms that we can use to get at the best possible evidence?





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