What I use Zotero as a reference manager

First I use Endnote as it was the de facto standard and it was free when you are an academic. Then For a brief period I experimented with Zotero, not seriously and just for fun. I was using Endnote for all my articles for referencing.
When I came back to Kelaniya, I had problems in using reference manager because of issues with Endnote.
I was introduced to Mendeley by Prof Pathmes and for the past two years I have been using Mendeley without any serious issues. The only issues I had was because I was using a Mac and doing things are a bit different in the Mac than in Windows. I had to find my own ways of doing things such in the Mac and sometimes it was annoying.

Then came the problem of Mendeley crashing once or twice on my Macbook just as I opened the Mendeley Desktop to write and article.
I update the OS of the Mac regularly and recently updated the Mac to High-Sierra 10.3.
The trouble never stopped because I could never sync the Mendeley library to the desktop version, simply because I could not start the Desktop. It kept on saying how sorry Mendeley is….

Having checked all versions/plus-ins are correct I wrote to the Mendeley help and promptly got a reply with instructions to do in the OS library files. Completed all these and it was back to the sorry state.
browsed the help forums and followed a few leads and wrote back to Mendeley help with screen shots and even a video clip as to what was happening.
By this time I had to delay in completing two research papers because I could not open the Mendeley desktop at all.
What they said was in this cannot be solved by the instructions I have to wait for the next version of Mendeley Desktop which will rectify the issue.
After another two weeks I have switched back to Zotero now.
Imported all citations but without the PDF files.

Completed the first article starting from scratch inserting the references. I have managed to synchronise the two MAcs with the Zotero library.
Then ai read a few articles on the web by librarians who use all three- Endnote, Mendeley and Zotero.


Using in Linux – https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/63299/personal-experience-in-zotero-after-mendeley

I find that all three basically gives the functionalities we need for free. After Mendeley was taken-over by Elsevier the consequences of what happens to data is a big issue. As Zotero is an open source software this is unlikely a future scenario.
My experience with a common problem with Mendeley and how the help desk responded was unexpected.
I cannot say how well Zotero will work or how help will be for issues that come up in the future.
I hope the open source community will be different.

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