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Ayubowan (Long-life) and Welcome to kmendis.org

kmendis.org is an initiative by a Sri Lankan family doctor and a university academic with expertise in family medicine, medical informatics and evidence-based practice to share knowledge, skills, and attitudes, that enhance patient-centered care using cost-effective information and communication technologies.

The information managing skills are essential to clinical doctors practicing in a rapidly changing world where access to current, up to date and reliable evidence becomes crucial.

Patients think doctors are up to date with the latest medical treatment and there is a cure for all diseases and illnesses. This is a very unrealistic but common expectation that increasingly leads to a vicious cycle.

The diagnostic methods and treatments change so fast that it is almost impossible for a doctor to know about all illnesses and treatments. Furthermore, many new treatments may not be properly evaluated and may not even be compared to a time tested treatment.

Modern medicine with all its innovations and technology can cure only a few diseases, manage a lot more and only provide care for many diseases.

A long-term doctor-patient relationship cannot be replaced by any kind of molecular or cellular-based therapies. A doctors’ touch still has a therapeutic value that cannot be replaced by modern therapies.

My mission is to provide patient-centered care

by practicing evidence-based medicine 

using appropriate and cost-effective

information and communication technologies 

with a caring human touch.

Kumara Mendis