Sri Lanka OpenEMR


Sri Lanka OpenEMR is a software developed using  OpenEMR, a free and open source EHR and medical practice management system. Its an ONC certified and features a fully integrated  EHR, practice management, scheduling, electronic billing with free support and a vibrant community of users and developers.

This started as I needed an EMR for my personal private practice in 2015. On searching for a suitable open source EHR there were 2-3 choices from the more than 10 recognized software.

My choice was between OpenEMR and OpenMRS.

Because I needed the software quickly and did not have the time or the resources for developing, the logical choice was OpenEMR.

I installed a copy in my MacBook Pro, with some difficulty, in late 2015. It had all the functionality I needed to use it in my clinic for a typical 15 minute consultation. In 2001 we had presented a paper at the National Computer Conference regarding the functionality needed for an EMR for Sri Lankan primary care/family practice.