Poem on AI by ChatGPT – 202402-17

In a world of wires and code,
Lives a mind, not flesh, not bone.
Artificial intelligence, they call it so,
A creation of man, that continues to grow.

It learns from data, it understands speech,
It helps us in ways that were once out of reach.
From self-driving cars to games we play,
AI is here, and it’s here to stay.

But with all its power and all its might,
We must use it wisely, to do what’s right.
For AI is a tool, a tool we create,
To make our lives better, to help, not to hate.

So let’s learn about AI, let’s understand,
The good it can do, when it’s in our hand.
With knowledge and care, we’ll pave the way,
For a future where AI helps us every day.

Poem on AI by Google Gemini – 202402-17

AI, a term you might have heard,

A mystery, a whispered word.

But fear not, for it’s not so strange,

Just lines of code, a clever range.


Like ChatGPT, you’ve seen its face,

A chatty friend, a helpful space.

It answers questions, spins a tale,

But deep inside, no heart does wail.


It learns from data, vast and wide,

And patterns finds, like ocean’s tide.

It mimics speech, translates your tongue,

A tool to help, where things go wrong.


So next time AI you hear,

Don’t fret or have undue fear.

It’s just a helper, by your side,

A clever trick, technology’s stride.

Poem on AI for Doctors  by Google Gemini – 202402-17

Beyond the chat, where language flows,

AI in medicine softly grows.

A tool to aid, not to replace,

The doctor’s touch, the human grace.


It scans the image, sharp and keen,

Detecting patterns, unseen.

A second glance, a flag unfurled,

Aiding diagnosis in this world.


From vast data, insights gleaned,

Predicting risks, unseen, unseen.

Tailored treatments, precise and bold,

A story told, in data’s fold.


Yet, in its code, no empathy lies,

The human touch, that never dies.

For diagnosis, a guiding light,

But healing hands, hold all their might.


So let us bridge this gap with care,

AI and doctor, a thoughtful pair.

Together wield this potent blend,

For patient’s sake, until the end.