Kumara Mendis

MBBS (C’bo), DFM (C’bo), MD Family Medicine (C’bo), MSc Medical Informatics (Netherlands),FCGP (SL), FACHI (Australia)

Kumara Mendis is Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and Conjoint Associate Professor at Western Sydney University, Australia. He continues to practice as a family physician in Sri Lanka.  Kumar’s main interest is to increase the quality of primary care by evidence-based practice and using appropriate and cost-effective information and communication technologies (ICT).

Currently, Kumara is a member of the Board of Study in Family Medicine and Biomedical Informatics at the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo. He is a council member of the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA} and the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka (CGPSL).

Kumara obtained the MD in Family Medicine from the University of Colombo and a Masters in Medical Informatics from the Netherlands Institute of Health Sciences. He commenced his academic carrier at the University of Kelaniya in 1995.  From 2005 he worked at the University of Sydney as a full-time rural clinician-researcher and in 2012 joined the Western Sydney University.

Kumara’s research interests are in family medicine, medical informatics, evidence-based medicine, and obesity. Using PubMed bibliometric methods he assessed global Family Medicine research publications and also tracked Australia’s health and medical research funding. He co-authored the first general practice morbidity survey in Sri Lanka. In a project initiated by Wonca, Kumara coordinated the design of a low-cost EMR for sub-Saharan African doctors. He has researched how junior doctors in Australia practice evidence-based medicine and worked as a consultant for WHO funded non-communicable disease project in the Maldives.

His current clinical research interest is Evidence-Based Medicine, ‘Overdiagnosis / Too Much Medicine’, Patient-centred Care and designing a Cloud-based, primary care Electronic Patient Health Record for Sri Lankan ambulatory care. Content management systems such as WordPress and learning management systems like Moodle helps Kumara to further share his vision for clinical care and teaching/learning. Kumara is curious about the questions where do we come from?, where are we now? and where are we going?